Monday, 8 October 2012


My child, it's harvest time! Come, gaze out over the golden wheat fields. Embrace their beauty as they gently sway in the wind. Feel the fresh crispness in the morning autumn air, reminding us that winter is around the corner.

Listen to the sound of the combines' engines humming in the distance. Breathe in...can you smell the grain particles in the air? See how its dusty haze makes the sunset a beautiful, fiery red as it dips low on the horizon. Enjoy the full harvest moon as it shines such a bright orange in the evening sky.

Take time to stroll through the meadows and enjoy the colour of the leaves on the trees blazing in bright crimson, yellow and green. Remember that God's Word says "The leaves on the trees are for the healing of the nations" (Revelations 22:2).

When you gather the fresh vegetables from the garden, take time to observe the red worms manoeuvring their way back into the freshly turned earth. You see, the Lord takes care of them just like the sparrows that dance along the endless rows of fence in the pastureland.

Watch the geese take flight in their V formation, as if to make their final salute as they fly over. Capture their sound as they honk to say, "We will see you in the spring."

Perhaps this moment takes you back to a time when you were young and carefree. The Lord your God wants you to feel young and carefree again and to see all these things He has created just for you! With refreshed eyes and a new attitude in your heart, listen. Listen to the sounds, for God's Word says "Let all creation rejoice before the Lord" (Psalm 96:13)

Can you see Him in the sunset? Can you hear Him in the wind?
Can you smell Him in the morning dew? Can you taste His goodness in the crisp vegetables? Can you feel Him in the freshly turned earth? Most of all can you see through His eyes in your heart, for He abides in you and around you.

The Lord God is in the simplest things of your everyday life. When He lives inside our hearts, He goes everywhere we go.
"I will never leave you nor forsake you." (Hebrews 13:5)
Oh, give thanks to the Lord your God for He is good!